Frugi Favourites


I always thought it would be much nicer to buy baby clothes for girls than for boys. But now my son is here, I have discovered so many nice styles for little boys. One of the brands that has become my favourite is called Frugi.

I have made a point of not spending too much money on baby clothes, as babies grow out of them so quickly. Frugi would normally be a bit outside of my budget, so I tend to wait for their sales and get a few things in different sizes.


The slightly higher prices are translated into very good quality clothes! They are all organic and feel very soft. It doesn’t matter how often I wash them, they still look like new. When dressing little man, a clean Frugi outfit in the wardrobe is always my first choice!


These are some of my favourites I got little man in the latest Frugi sale (which is still on at the moment!):

What do you think of these styles for boys?
Would you say it is worth paying a little bit extra for better quality organic clothes?

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