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Warm and Stylish Feet

MahabisThe Reinvention of the Slipper

Spending a fair bit of time at home with two young kids I do love a good pair of slippers and have gone through quite a few. The good news is: I think I have finally found the perfect ones that will hopefully last me a long time!

I came across Mahabis a few months ago as I was trying to get some inspiration for a Christmas present for my husband. These seemed to be not only practical but very stylish slippers. I ended up getting a pair for my husband and for myself! Don’t you think they look great?

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Meditation through Breastfeeding

PeaceON PEACE AND Being at Peace

It is three o’clock in the afternoon. As I am writing this I am sitting on the rocking chair in Little Man’s room. He has just fallen asleep in his bed next to me and looks so peaceful.

Music is playing in the background. It is in Dutch, by a band called Sela. I shared this piece of music at a meeting with a group of young people several months ago. I was asked to talk to them about a song that is important to me.

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Thank God for Technology


Living far away from family is not always easy, especially once you have children.

Luckily, Belgium and the Netherlands are not at the other end of the world. We can get ‘home’ quicker than some of my friends whose family lives at the other side of England. 

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Frugi Favourites


I always thought it would be much nicer to buy baby clothes for girls than for boys. But now my son is here, I have discovered so many nice styles for little boys. One of the brands that has become my favourite is called Frugi.

I have made a point of not spending too much money on baby clothes, as babies grow out of them so quickly. Frugi would normally be a bit outside of my budget, so I tend to wait for their sales and get a few things in different sizes.

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Gro-hush Review

grohusha portable sleep aid

I received the Gro-hush when little man was nearly four months old. It sounded like a great concept and I was curious to see if and how it would work in practice.

As you can imagine, a sleep-deprived parent is willing to test almost anything on her child if it encourages sleep!! I am also a fan of the Gro Company and their products, I use quite a few around the house (the Gro Anywhere Blind being my favourite one), so my expectations where high.

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